Byboek 1 Mares

Ornella van Doorndraai

Friso fan S. ‘Sport’ x Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’

Dam: Ursula van Doorndraai

Born: 25/12/2020

Foal Premie: To Be Judged

Ornella is the first foal of Ursula van Doorndraai. Ursula has a very special South African bloodline and comes out of Ritse 322 mare Yolandi van Doorndraai. We hope she becomes as big and beautiful as her dam.


Evanka van Doorndraai Bb1

Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Adel v.d Lievendaal VB

Dam: Katinka van Doorndraai Bb1 Star Pref *6 Prestasie – Deceased

Born: 12/2/2017

Foal Premie: 2nd

2023 Judging: 3rd Premie

IBOP: 75 Points

Evanka comes from another very succesfull blood line with her dam, Katinka becoming Doorndraai’s first own bred Preferent as well as Prestasie mare. The combination with Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’ has proved very successful. Evanka is the last foal of Katinka after we sadly lost her to colic as well in 2017.


  • Woody van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Heinsy van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Tienka van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Raven van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Maggie van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Maya van Doorndraai Star (Friso fan S.) – Sold
  • Alma van Doorndraai Star (Ritse 322) – Sold

Udeleen van Doorndraai Bb1

UdeleenFriso fan S. Vb Star ‘Sport’ x Haitse 425 Stb ‘Sport’

Dam: Hadassa Woltsje G.T Stb

Born: 25/10/2014

Udeleen is a super mover and she had her second filly out of Wiebert 527 this October.  Waylene is already a tall and fine young filly.



  • Mufasa van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Harold van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Elsa van Doorndraai (Tsjerk 328)
  • Zadassa van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold