Doorndraai places in the top three breeding studs for 2012 as named by the KFPS in The Netherlands. This also places them in the number one position (breeding stud) outside the Netherlands.

The KFPS (Koninklijke vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek) annually announces the top 50 breeding studs in the world by taking into account all first and second premiums as well as star status achieved by horses bred by studs in the running to make this prestigious list. The list is usually dominated by the hugely successful local studs in the Netherlands but for the first time ever a South African Stud has made it not only into the top fifty but also the top three. First place went to J. Kruis from the Netherlands with four first premium foals of which three was by Wytse. Second place went to Mrs D.E. Vries-Bakker from Hindelopen with the same points, only fewer premium horses. Doorndraai only missed out on the first and second place by one point and it has become a big goal of the stud to become the number one breeding stud in the next few years.

What makes this achievement even more significant for Doorndraai Friesian Stud is that by placing third we are also the Number one Stud outside the Netherlands and this places us above big and successful studs from all over the world including America, Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany. Through selective breeding Doorndraai continually sets the bar for the rest of the South African Friesian Community and aims to do this well into the future.

The stud has been producing locally bred and imported champions year in and year out since 2000 and 2013 will not be any different! See you at the next show! Visit the KFPS website for more information

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