Warrick van Doorndraai For Sale

warricTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Wierd 408

Dam: Neenke fan Bokkum Stb Star Pref

Born: 11/12/2015

Foal Premie: 3rd Premie


Warrick has been gelded and he has turned into a very big gelding.  We will start putting him under saddle soon and he will make a great horse in the show ring. He is still very green and definitely not for a novice or nervous rider. 


  • Harley van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Daenerys van Doorndraai (Tsjerk 328) – deceased
  • Viggo van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Potter van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Odette van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Karien van Doorndraai Stb Star Crown (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Ingrid van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’)
  • Maximus van Doorndraai Star (Ritse 322) – sold
  • At van Doorndraai Star (Ritse 322) – sold

Sheldon van Doorndraai For Sale

sheldonTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Ritse 322

Dam: Arwen van Doorndraai Stb – sold

Born: 13 January 2013

Height: 1,62 cm

2014 Inspection: 2nd premie

2017 Inspection: Star

Sheldon was put under saddle but due to a space limitation he was sent to our ‘baby yard’ for a few months.  He is now back with us and will continue with his ground and under saddle work.  At the moment he is not for a novice rider.


  • Rissa van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold