Fillies :: Two Year Olds

Elma van Doorndraai

elmaTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Ritse 322

Dam: Alma van Doorndraai 

Born: 14/10/2017

Foal Premie: 3rd

Elma’s dam Alma is a 1st Premie star mare and very good under saddle.  If Elma develops the same way as her dam, she is sure to become a stunning mare.


Evonne van Doorndraai For Sale

evonneTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Ritse 322

Dam: Yvonne van Doorndraai

Born: 14/9/2017

Foal Premie: 3rd

Evonne is a feisty filly suitable for someone looking for a lively mare.  Yvonne breeds beautiful foals and Evonne is no exception.  Yvonne’s dam was star mare Philippa van Geyerspan out of Eibert Vb.  She was a stunning mare to ride and work with.


  • Haike van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Boromea van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Tauriel van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Randall van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Missy van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold
  • Lennerd van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – Sold

Elsje van Doorndraai

No ImageWierd 409 ‘Sport’ x Wimer 461

Dam: Mintsje van Doorndraai

Born: 3/9/2017

Foal Premie: 2nd

Elsje is one of the two fillies that Wierd 409 produced in South Africa.  It was a huge loss to lose the dam Mintsje van Doorndraai to colic in December 2018, orphaning her foal to Dries 421, Hilde van Mooikloof.



  • Hilde van Mooikloof

Ella van Doorndraai

No ImageWierd 409 x Jasper 366

Dam: Nella Stb Kroon

Born: 1/9/2017

Foal Premie: 2nd

Ella is one of only 3 Wierd foals at Doorndraai and the combination with our Jasper Crown mare Nella, is sure to be a winning combination




  • Kayla van Doorndraai 
  • Mayanna van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Lumen van Doorndraai Star  (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Frieda van Doorndraai (Ritse 322) – deceased
  • Casper van Doorndraai (Ritse 333) – deceased

Eowen van Doorndraai

No ImageFriso fan S. ‘Sport’ x Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’

Dam: Lumen van Doorndraai Stb Star

Born:  2/10/2017

Foal Premie:  3rd

Eowen is the first foal of Lumen van Doorndraai, that is the daughter of our Jasper Crown mare Nella.  This foal is sure to have loads of sport talent with both Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’ and Jasper 366 ‘Sport’ in her bloodline.



Elsa van Doorndraai

elsaTsjerk 328 x Haitse 425 ‘Sport’

Dam: Hadassa Woltsje G.T

Born: 17/1/2017

Foal Premie: 3rd


We are very excited to see the result of the combination of Tsjerk 328 and Haitse 425.  It was a great success to still get a mare in foal with the few straws that we had left of legendary stallion Tsjerk 328.


Dainty van Doorndraai


daintyFeitse 293 x Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’

Dam: Heinsy van Doorndraai

Born: 19/1/2017

Foal Premie: 3rd


Dainty is going to be a big asset and improvement to the bloodlines at Doorndraai Friesian Stud.  Being out of the Fetse blood line, we cannot wait to see how this young mare develops.


Evanka van Doorndraai

evankaTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Adel v.d Lievendaal VB

Dam: Katinka van Doorndraai Bb1 Star Pref *5

Born: 12/2/2017

Foal Premie: 2nd


Evanka comes from another very succesfull blood line with her dam, Katinka becoming Doorndraai’s first own bred Preferent mare. The combination with Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’ has proved very successful. Evanka is the last foal of Katinka after we sadly lost her to colic as well in 2017.


Anne Nypcke van Doorndraai

anne nypckeTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Piter 312

Dam: Nyncke fan ‘e Visscherwei Stb Pref * 4

Born: 10/12/2016

Foal Premie: 2nd


Anne Nypcke is the seventh foal of Nyncke, our imported preferent mare out of Piter 312.  With the amount of star siblings, we have big dreams for this very special girl.


  • Imcke van Doorndraai (Dries 421 ‘Sport’)
  • Tobias van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Phryso van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Natalie van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Deweke van Doorndraai Stb Star (Ritse 322)
  • Cherise van Doorndraai Stb Star (Ritse 322) – sold
  • Lourens van Doorndraai Vb Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold

Area van Doorndraai

AreaTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Aan 416

Dam: Harmkje fan Bokkum Stb Star

Born: 2/11/2016

Foal Premie: 1st





Area received a first premie as a foal and we hope that this foal out of the famous ‘Fan Bokkum’ line proves to us that she will also be a show stopper.


  • Tatjana van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’)
  • Harmkie van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – deceased

Adelweis van Doorndraai For Sale

adelweisTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Friso fan S. ‘Sport’

Dam: Edelweis van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb

Born: 9/10/2016

Foal Premie: 2nd



Amali van Doorndraai

amaliTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Friso fan S.

Dam: Tamali van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star

Born: 16/10/2016

Foal Premie: 3rd






Astrid van Doorndraai

astridTjalf 443 ‘Sport’ x Friso fan S. ‘Sport’

Dam: Ingrid van Doorndraai Bb1

Born: 13/10/2016

Foal Premie: 2nd


Astrid’s dam, Ingrid breeds really big foals.  Xerxes stood at 1,70m at the young age of 3 years old.  If you are looking for a bigger mare, look no further.