Colts :: Two Year Olds

Bjorn van Doorndraai

bjornWierd 409 x Ritse 322

Dam: Alma van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star

Born:  2/11/2016

Foal Premie: 1st Premie

Bjorn van Doorndraai is the first foal born from Wierd 409.  He is a big colt with a confident personality.  His dam Alma van Doorndraai received a first premie and the Ritse 322 combination with Wierd 409 is sure to result in a strong, confident stallion.  His first premie was an affirmation of the high hopes we have for him.


Baghera van Doorndraai For Sale

bagheraFriso fan S. ‘Sport’ x Feitse 293

Dam: Uma van Doorndraai Stb

Born: 29/10/2016

Foal Premie: 2nd

Baghera is the full brother of Gregory van Doorndraai.  Gregory was the Champion Friesian Gelding In Hand at the 2017 Horse of the Year and also the Champion Friesian Under Saddle.  He is also the last foal of Uma van Doorndraai before she tragically died of colic in 2017. 


Asterix van Doorndraai For Sale

astrixFriso fan S. ‘Sport’ x Ritse 322

Dam: Anneke van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star

Born: 23/10/2016

Foal Premie: 2nd


This young Friso fan S. colt has a boisterous personality and is a confident young horse.  His dam Anneke van Doorndraai comes from the Preferent bloodline of Rita van Geyerspan and we’re confident this young colt will grow into a stunning stallion.


  • Woest van Doorndraai – deceased (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Tabitha van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Madelief van Doorndraai Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)