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Wian van Doorndraai

Wiebert 527 ‘Sport’ Elite x Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’

Dam: Sienna van Mooikloof

Born: 10/11/2023

Foal Premie: To be judged 2024

Wian is a strong young colt that got up immediately after being born. He comes from the imported blood line of Odillia V. combined with Wiebert 527 ‘Sport Elite’ who was known for his dressage talent. We are sure this young colt will develop into a stunning sport horse.

Wesley van Doorndraai

Ulbe 506 x Tjalf 443 ‘Sport

Dam: Ivory van Doorndraai Stb Star

Born: 16/10/23

Foal Premie: To be judged in 2024

Wesley is also out of our imported frozen semen and he is a big and strong colt with very good conformation.


  • Henry van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’)
  • Yvory van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold