Neenke fan Bokkum Stb Star Pref *5 – deceased

Neenke fan Bokkum was one of the best breeding mares ever at Doorndraai Friesian Stud. Her loss has left a massive gaping hole at our stables. We are however incredibly happy that her filly, crown mare, Karien van Doorndraai will now be standing in the stable she called home for over 10 years. RIP Neenke.

Wierd 409 x Nammen

Dam: Geartsje fan Bokkum Stb Star Model

Born: 15/07/2004

Height: 167cm

Mature Premie: Star 2nd



Neenke fan Bokkum was one of the best mares and Doorndraai Friesian Stud and was one of our cornerstone mares.  Her loss is still one of the biggest at Doorndraai.