Harmkje fan Bokkum

 HarmkjeAan 416 x Feitse 293

Dam: Tine fan Bokkum Stb

Foal Premie 2010: 2nd

2014 Inspection: Star 2nd Premie

Born: 2/4/2010

Height ; 1,65 cm

Harmkje fan Bokkum came to South Africa with three other imported mares and we’re excited to have her interesting bloodline form part of the stud.  


w0060908G1dm-20140214_124019_204-3718Show Results

2015 FPSSA National Show

  • 1st Mares Under Saddle over 5 years old
  • Reserve Champion Mare Under Saddle

2014 Horse of the Year

  • 2nd Friesian Mares over 3 but under 5 years
  • 3rd Friesian Mares Under Saddle

2013 FPSSA National Show

  • 3rd Mares over 3 but under 5