Deweke van Doorndraai

Ritse 322 x Piter 312

Dam: Nyncke fan de Visscherwei Stb Star Pref

Born: 19/09/2009

Height: 1,63 cm

Foal Premie: 2nd

2013 Inspection: 3rd Premie

2014 Inspection: Star 2nd Premie

IBOP 2014: 77.5 ridden

2015 was a difficult year for Deweke. She was diagnosed with a very large cancer in her right hoof and had to receive extensive surgery. She was 5 months pregnant with her first foal and we were not positive that she would keep the pregnancy.  This young mare surprised everybody by making a full recovery and delivered a strong young colt.  Deweke is in foal to Reinhoud fan ‘e Homar ‘Sport’ and this interesting combination will be a great addition to the stud.  

Show Results

2017 Parys Horse & Wine Festival

  •  4th Universeel Snr Merries Driegang



  • Livingston van Doorndraai (Kalvin fan Stal Bellefleur)
  • Imcke van Doorndraai (Dries 421 ‘Sport’)
  • Anne Nypcke van Doorndraai (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Tobias van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Phryso van Doorndraai (Friso fan S. ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Natalie van Doorndraai Stb Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’) – sold
  • Cherise van Doorndraai Stb Star (Ritse 322)- sold
  • Lourens van Doorndraai Vb Star (Tjalf 443 ‘Sport) – sold