2013 Horse of the Year and Doorndraai Inspection Success!

The first few months of the year is always very busy with all the big shows and inspections falling within a few weeks.  This year was no different and February has been a big month with something happening every weekend.  The first was the Horse of the Year where Doorndraai kept success in the ‘family’ when Bart van Doorndraai became the Senior Champion Stallion In-Hand.  His full brother Wynand van Doorndraai won this title in 2012.  (See Bottom for full 2013 Horse of the Year Results)

The Doorndraai inspection was also a huge success and kicked off on Friday 22 February late the afternoon with four IBOP tests.  For Nynke Bosma and Alida Copeland De Jager it was a big day as they both took part in their first IBOP tests.  Nynke with Bakkies van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star (D: Loret Bb1 Pref *6, S: Ritse 322) in the carriage and Alida riding Wynand van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star (D: Mona Lisa van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star, S: Ritse 322).  They both did very well with Nynke and Bakkies achieving 74% and Alida and Wynand scoring 72% both very good results considering it was their first tests.  Jolanda Schreuder also did two ridden tests, one on Delilah of Millford Bb1 Stb Star achieving 75.5% and the big test of the day on Pandora van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star, achieving an outstanding 79.5% in her test, thus achieving Kroon Status.  With Pandora only under saddle for a few months it was a big decision to enter her for such an important test.  After she became Voorlopig Kroon 4 years ago, we decided to breed with her first and it was only a matter of time for us to present her under saddle in the IBOP test.  Having to achieve a minimum of 77% for this test we were all sitting on the edges of our seats chewing our nails and holding our breath in the late afternoon heat knowing what a wonderful achievement it would be for this locally bred mare and the stud.  With Jolanda riding her it was always going to go well and while waiting for the result, Jolanda’s big smile gave it away.  We were delighted when the judges announced the result of 79.5%! Well done Pandora, Jolanda, all our grooms, Nynke, Altie and Alida.  It really feels good to breed such an outstanding mare and having trained her ourselves, it makes this achievement even more special!

Next up was our Open Day on Saturday 23 February.  After receiving many requests over the years to have an open day, we started inviting friends and horse lovers alike to join us on this important day to come and see how a KFPS Inspection works.  With 30 horses up for inspection, the day had many highlights and with around a hundred people visiting us during the day it was again a huge success.  We started the day with the Star Judging of 3 year olds as well as Star Re-judging with the following horses achieving Star Status.

  • Hiske fan Bokkum Stb Star (Maurus x Onne), 2nd Premie Star
  • Hielkje fan de Visscherwei (Jisse x Anton), 2nd Premie Star
  • Hadasse Woltsje G.T (Haitse x Folkert) 2nd Premie Star
  • Titske van Kolderveen (Ulbert x Erik) 2nd Premie Star
  • Bakkies van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Became a Star stallion (D: Loret Bb1 Stb Pref *6, S: Ritse 322) – Owned by Jean Larson of KZN.
  • Pandora van Doorndraai became Kroon with 79.5% in her IBOP and received a 1st premie star when we presented her for Model but sadly she did not become Model.

With only 18 foals up for inspection this year we received two very good first premies

  • Ozzy van Doorndraai (D: Wanda Hester Bb1, S: Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)
  • Maggie van Doorndraai (D: Katinka van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star, S: Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’)  Maggies dam is also the dam of Alma van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star that received a 1st premie star as a three year old in 2012.

Tjalf 443 foals:

  • 2 x 1st premie,
  • 11 x 2nd premies and
  •  4 x 3rd premies.

 Friso fan S became the first foal book stallion with a KFPS Breeding Permission in SA to produce a Kroon mare, Pandora van Doorndraai Bb1 Stb Star Kroon and he had 1 foal with a 2nd premie.

Danie dusted off his tekkies and showed Tjalf 443 ‘Sport’ in the long lines and Alida rode Bart van Doorndraai who has also only been under saddle for a few weeks during the lunch time break.  The crowd did not scare him and he showed why he became the Senior Champion Stallion In Hand at the Horse of the year with his breath-taking presence.  Next year we will also compete with him under saddle.

Doorndraai has built on the tradition of producing locally bred champions and with significant results such as Pandora van Doorndraai becoming the first South African bred mare by a Foal Book Stallion (Friso fan S.) to become Kroon there is a lot in the future of this stud to be excited about.  Watch this space!

Horse of the Year Results:

  • Tjalf 443                               :               ‘Sport’ Champion Single Harness
  • Friso fan S.                          :               Champion Stallion Under Saddle & 2nd in Stallion with breeding permission – In-Hand
  • Bart van Doorndraai        :               Senior Champion Stallion In Hand
  • Alma van Doorndraai      :               Reserve Champion Senior Mare In-Hand
  • Wynand van Doorndraai:              1st in Star Stallions over 5 years & 1st in Senior Stallion under saddle.

A big thank you to the In-hand reserve champion, Erwin and the single harness reserve champion, Jaring for standing in for Doorndraai in these 2 supreme championship classes on the Sunday.


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